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The Legal Affair

Let's talk Law

The Legal Affair

Let's talk Law

The legal system in India has seen decades of changes brought about by new regimes and the needs of the country’s populous. Knowledge and information about the country’s laws, however, remain shrouded in mystery, and often imperceivable more than inaccessible to the people of the country at large. For centuries societies have devised laws to ensure equal treatment, fair trade and generate new opportunities for the growth of the community and the country’s commerce. In fact, many societal concepts of modern justice stem from ancient laws of the Roman civilization. These laws exist and continuously evolve so that people can be driven to social, commercial, and economic welfare within the comfort of a flourishing, profitable and safe societal structure.

In a country of so many deep-rooted cultures, social practices, and belief systems, it can be tricky to decide the absolutes of justice. The intellectuals of the country, however, the policy makers and builders of the society, remain ever so keen on exploring the nuanced promises of a rapidly advancing technology driven world, deeming in their pursuits the lawful and progressive from the unlawful and disruptive. A layperson’s reaction to anything related to law is an impulsive worry over tedious court proceedings, the exhaustive back and forth of legal formalities and the hefty legal fee, certain to pile up irrespective of a favorable outcome. The Legal Affair hopes to alleviate people of such fears and arm them with swords and shields of information in their quests for justice.

Who we are

A team of legal professionals hoping to bridge the gap of misinformation about the processes, procedures, and the purpose of the Legal System and different Laws in India. Through The Legal Affair, we seek to make laws accessible to the people so that they can make well-informed and conscientious decisions in their legal pursuits in complete coherence with their rights and entitlements as citizens of India.

What We Believe.

Knowledge is power and it can very well be the difference between:

  • Shelling out compensations and being rewarded entitlements
  • Contractual losses and business gains
  • Swallowing bitter discrimination and contesting rightful compensation
  • Misery of jail and contesting for bail
  • Being exploited and being liberated

What We Do.

We scour all the resources available on law and bring to you the fine print in bold capitals. There are laws to govern everything under the sun and we want to create a knowledge base about all the intricacies of law that anyone can access lawyers and the general folk alike.

Our articles aim at explaining loopholes and entitlements associated with different laws, in the pure intent of proving to the court beyond a reasonable doubt the nature of a case. Our goal is simple “Remove the veil of misinformation about the Indian Justice system and show people the true nature and intent of different laws.”


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